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Active Forum for Human rights Awareness (AFHA) Banke has established in 1993. Some active community volunteers took initiation for human rights and social justice. Many awareness programmes and campaigns on civil and political rights to local community were conducted massively in Banke district.   They were inspired by the provision of human rights and democratic rights in constitution of Nepal after restoration of democracy in 1990. AFHA has registered at district administration office, Banke in 1993 under the Organization Registration Act 1977. It is affiliated with Social Welfare Council too.

AFHA had started it massive campaign for liberation of Kamaiyas in different  districts ofvwestern Tarai (Kamaiyas were bonded labour in Nepal). Kamaiya liberation groups, child, and women groups were formed and mobilized to struggle for their freedom. Child labour from kamaiya family was supported for education. AFHA had involved in the entire movement of Kamaiya liberation. Kamaiya were declared free in 1999 by the government. AFHA contributed to the Kamaiya movement meaningfully along with other like minded shakeholders.

AFHA has been working for the capacity enhancement of women groups, child groups, Madhesi community, and indigenous community in community level. Human rights, Child rights, domestic violence, bonded child labour, youth club mobilization for social development are the core issues which AFHA has been working and taking initiation in western Terai. It has one and half decade glorious history of experiences in the field of human rights. There are 12 Child labour monitoring commitee (CLMC) in community level, 30 women groups, 70     active youth groups, 2010 child groups affiliated with our holistic campaign for protection Child Rights, Human Rights and social justice.

According to statue of AFHA the General Assembly is the mandatory position of organization. All policies, rule and regulations, vision, mission, goal and programmes pass through general assembly. Executive Board implement the all programs and policies.  This committee lead the organization according to mandate of General Assembly. President is the head of the executive board of organization. All sub- committees and staff work under inspection and supervision of president.

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